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White Wine
Sauvignon Blanc, Finca El Picador (Chile) £18.50 / 175ml Glass £5.50
Lively citrus and gooseberry fruit aromas with a hint of honey and a fresh clean finish.  

Chardonnay-Semillon Red Cliffs Estate, (Australia) £18.50 / 175ml Glass £5.50
This blend of Chardonnay- Semillon grapes are full of Tropical fruits with a hint of melon

Pinot Grigio, Ca'Tesore (Zonin, Italy) £21.00
A delightful , expressive, dry wine crammed with Citrus fruit flavours and subtle floral aromas.

Bacchus , Shawsgate (England, Suffolk) £23.50
An attractive dry wine. Elderflower and ripe lemon aromas give way to apple, citrus and grapefruit in the mouth. A rounded acidity complements the fresh fruit flavours.

Trebbiano d.Abruzzo Frentana (Italy) £21.00
A fresh, crisp, pure wine with citrus flavours, focussed minerality and an elegant finish.

Rioja, Manzanos (Spain) £22.00
A fresh, crisp, pure wine with citrus flavours, focussed minerality and an elegant finish.

Muscadet, Les Roches Noires (France) £24.00
Crisp, green apple fruit, and a balancing nutty richness from the less ageing. Refreshing acidity and an impressive finish.

Chenin Blanc, Good Hope winery (South Africa) £24.50
The wine is a wonderfully lively, intense, fruity and balanced dry chenin blanc. Flavours of green apple and white peach.

Cotes du Rhone Blanc, Guillaume Gonnet (France) £28.00
This is a smooth, rich white with a memorably aromatic explosion of peach and citrus.

Chablis, Domaine Collette Gros (France) £34.00
Chardonnay, but not as the new world knows it. Steely acidity and an impression of minerals that derives from both flavour and texture that mark out this unique Chablis style.

Riesling, St Clair (New Zealand) £29.00
An elegant wine with bright citrus aromas of lime, mandarin and honey a very smooth and dry Marlborough Riesling

Gewurztraminer, Siefried, (New Zealand) £29.00
A lovely refreshing wine with lychee, rose petals guava and apricot aromas.

Sauvignon Blanc, St Clair (New Zealand) £27.00
A full, crisp and powerful wine, with intense passionfruit and blackcurrant flavours with underlying gooseberry and mouth watering acidity.

Sancerre, Apud Sariacum (France) £36.00
A very appealing Sancerre, typically flinty with lashings of ripe gooseberry fruit.

Cloudy bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013 (New Zealand) £38.00
This is an elegant , aromatic wine with appealing fruit and crisp acidity

All wine by the glass is availabe in 125 ml at £4.00 per glass


Rose Wine
Pinot Grigio Blush (Italy) £18.90 / 175ml Glass £5.50 
Typically light, elegant rose, with aromatic hints and a crisp clean acidity.

Shawsgate English Rose (Suffolk, England) £24.50
A young vibrant rose wine with a rich strawberry hue, bags of berry fruit.

Pinot Rose, Saint Clair (New Zealand) £29.00
This Pinot Rose displays rich berry flavours of soft red cherry and raspberry. With gentle acidity and a clean finish. A rare find and delicious with fish.


Red Wine
Merlot, Finca el Picador (Chile) £18.90 / 175ml Glass £5.50
A soft wine with a lot of cranberry and plumy fruit flavours, very easy drinking.

Malbec Shiraz, Las Mantious (Argentina) £22.00
The nose is full of spicy aromas of Shiraz. The beautiful, ripe fruit from the Malbec combines with the spicy character of Shiraz.

Franklin Tate Shiraz (Australia) £24.90
Sweet, juicy and ripe on the palate with a fleshy texture, good structure and depth, firm ripe tanning and a long rich finish.

Rioja Montesc, Tempranillo (Spain) £24.00
A modern fruit driven wine from Spain's most traditional wine making region, made from 100% Tempranillo grapes.

Brouilly, Domaine Cret des Granaches (France) £32.00
A predominantly grenatic soil and a unique vareity of vine, which produces a black grape with white juice, impart to the wine its finesse and wealth of aromas.

Saint Clair, Pinot Noir (New Zealand) £32.00
A luxurious combination of dark cherry and strawberry fruit characters underpinned by subtle nuances of of smoky oak, elegant with great length.

Gamay Noir, Woodthorpe, Te Mata (New Zealand) £30.00
In the very style of a serious Beaujolais - fresh red fruit, lively acidity lightness of body, very light. A great red with seafood. 

Domaine Theulot Juillot Mercurey (France) £46.00
Incredibly soft, a beautiful Burgundy



Sparkling & Champagne
Prosecco Spumate, Pure, (Italy) £26.00 / 200ml Bottle £8.00
One of the most fashionable ‘fizzes’ on the market today. Fragrant and full of fresh flavours.

Shawsgate Brut 2010 Sparling Rose (Suffolk England) £35.00
Made from the Acolon grape, a berry rich bouquet with a touch of sweetness balances
The fresh acidity and gives real appeal with a good length of flavours

Veluve Clicquot, Yellow Label NV Champagne (France) £60.00
Typically comprises of 50-55% Pinot Noir, 15-20% Pinot Meunier, 28-33% Chardonnay.
Initial notes of fruit are followed by more discreet aromas or brioche and vanilla, perfect balance of finesse and forcefulness. 

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